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Alright, so I haven’t posted anything aside from my premier post about Child’s Play. There is one simple reason for this: I need material to post! The last new game I was able to play and enjoy was Mega Man 9 when it was released in September…I finished it in four hours the first time. Though I will probably return to older games and talk about them on this blog, I want to make new games the emphasis. Now this means I will have to explain what I mean by “new” games.

There is a slight problem to start off with. I had to forego a large number of games I wanted to play for the past three years because school was my priority. I’m an English major at Utah Valley University, and with all the reading, papers, classes, and etc., I haven’t had much time to spare on all the games I wanted to play. Of course, I did make exceptions for a few big name titles like Zelda and Okami, but I didn’t have the energy to pursue some of the cult titles like Odin Sphere, Disgaea, Ar Tonelico, and many others. Thus I missed out on a bunch of I’d been salivating over, and I’m going to go back to them even if they’re a few years old. I’m mostly finished with school now, so I have plenty of time to once again pursue my favorite hobby. However, I have to concede school will remain my priority until I finish in April.

The other limitation on “new” games is my hardware. I own a Playstation 2, which is still alive but slowly fading; a Wii, which I enjoy, but I have to unfortunately agree with the criticism that Nintendo is largely ignoring their traditional fanbase; and a Nintendo DS that I enjoy as long as the touchscreen is used correctly or not used at all. I would like to own either a Playstation 3, an XBox 360, or both, but, until I can spare the money for one, what I own is what I have to work with.

Phew…I’m glad to have all that out of the way. Now I can talk about where I currently stand on my gameplaying.

I’ve been plodding my way through Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen since Christmas, and I’m nearly finished. I’ll have a review up soon after I’ve conquered the last boss. After DQIV will be Ar Tonelico: Melody of Elemia. As mentioned above, I didn’t have a chance to play it, and I wanted to check it out because it sounded intriguing. Perhaps playing it is irrelevant now that its sequel is nearly upon us, but oh well; I’m going to do things my way around here because I can. Following that will likely be Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon.

Hopefully I’ll have my DQIV review up in the next week.

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