Playstation 3!

I did it! I purchased a Playstation 3 on Black Friday through Amazon! It should be here on Tuesday along with inFamous and Killzone 2. I’m not interested in the latter game, so it will likely end up being sold back through GameStop. The in-store credit I get will go toward the purchase of something else; I only need to decide what! Muramasa? Batman: Arkham Asylum? Dragon Age Origins? I’ll have to figure it out when it happens, but inFamous should keep me entertained for a while. Still, I have those grad school applications hanging over my head, so I can’t get too carried away yet, but soon I’ll get this blog into full gear (after a year!). Pretty soon I’ll write up reviews for the only “new” games I’ve played this year: Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride, and Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. As well as an updated list of games I’m looking forward to playing.

I’ve noticed games are more expensive for the PS3 (actually, I think I knew, but forgot until I bought one), so I will have to make my game purchases more selective. Perhaps it is time to subscribe to GameFly?
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