The Best Game of the 00 Decade

Here it is! The best game I’ve played over the last ten years.
1. Okami
I’d been keeping an eye on Clover Studios’ Okami for a few years before I finally had the disc in my PS2. That two year wait was worth it as Okami blew me right off my feet when I revived the first Guardian Sapling and watched as life and color erupted forth on the screen. I played constantly over the next week and a half. Everything the game has to offer – story, visuals, music, and gameplay – are all top notch. However, the most noticeable aspect is the sumi-e inspired visuals which give Okami a very distinct, water-color look that is absolutely breathtaking in motion, and the mesh of Eastern and Western classical music only adds to the effect. The gameplay offered one new system with the Celestial Brush that allowed you to manipulate “the very fabric of existence” in order to solve puzzles, battle foes, and help NPCs, and, though fighting most of the bosses multiple times throughout the game was somewhat tiresome, each boss fight was epic and intense. Finally, Okami’s story, while serious in nature, is underscored by a quirky charm that keeps the player from feeling bogged down in all the darkness spreading across the world. I even found myself a bit choked up at the end, not only because it was touching, but because I was about to leave behind the world and characters I had grown so fond of behind. With the developer, Clover Studios, closing their doors after the the game’s North American release I thought I would never again get to experience the joy of running full speed through Shinshu and Ryoshima again. However, thanks to some dedicated designers at Capcom, a sequel for the DS is in the works. I’m sure it won’t be the same without the original creative talent behind it, but I’ll take it if it means I get to experience the world of Amaterasu once again.
A Little Sidenote: Which version of Okami I prefer is a toss-up. The PS2 has tighter, more responsive controls, but after playing the Wii version with its brighter colors and widescreen support, I doubt I could go back to the PS2 version.
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