December Gaming Over!

What the what?! December just started and I’m finished with my December gaming already! Well, I can’t really help myself when there is a new Zelda game. I had it in my hands and very shortly after that in my Wii on November 21st. I still had school for another week at that point and my semester paper wasn’t quite finished, but I managed to finish up the paper this past Tuesday and finished Zelda on Thursday. After that, I thought I’d have another forty hour adventure on my hands with Batman: Arkham City, but it took nowhere near as I long. I finished up the main story yesterday and wrapped up most of the side missions this afternoon. I have no plans to play anything else over the break though I may finally play Golden Sun: Dark Dawn for DS in between reading, writing, eating and sleeping. If not, then I’ll get to it and the rest of my backlog come summer. At which point I might also FINALLY be able to make this blog something worth looking at rather than the barebones, wildly inconsistent monstrosity that greets me every time I open my favorites and click “Blogger Dashboard.”

Anyway, Zelda and Arkham City. Both great games, and I have a lot to say about them. Not tonight. I’ve had a headache all day and I want to go to bed at a decent (as opposed to an indecent) time tonight because I have things I need to take care of tomorrow.
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