My Blog is a Failure Part Two: Wonder What’s Next?

In my last post, I determined that my blog has been a failure primarily due to my inattention, but also because of my own diminishing knowledge of pop culture. But I’m not going to give up on blogging. I’ve blogged for just about ten years now (though at times, and especially recently, I have done so infrequently). And I don’t see me stopping any time soon.

So the question is, what is next for my blog? I’ve thought about that a lot over the last few days, and came to a decision. Truth be told, I am beginning to prepare myself for completing a PhD in English Literature, with an emphasis in medieval literature, and most specifically northern European literature. In order to help me accomplish this goal, I’m going to start working on flexing my analytical muscles. And no, I’m not going to practice on medieval literature on the blog as I know a lot of people find that boring (though I can’t deny that medieval literature will come up from time to time). Instead, I’ll mostly practice on some of the same pop culture topics I wrote about before, plus anything else that I find noteworthy. This could end up being politics, current events, movies, video games, books…and medieval literature. Anything that I find worth analyzing I will analyze. I’d say it will be most like the post I wrote on Metroid: Other M a few years ago.

I’ll get to my first topic as soon as I can. I’m not going to get much time right away though as I’m leaving on vacation for two weeks this Thursday, but I will be ready to type a post by the time I get back.

My Blog is a Failure

That’s right. I said it. Through my own inactivity this blog has been a failure.

It’s also a failure in the fact that I really don’t know what pop culture is anymore. I think I was pretty up on everything until I started grad school four years ago, and I do still stay abreast on a lot of things that are happening. But as I’ve seen over the last few months online, at expos, and in recently having some interaction with children for the first time in a long time, I’ve seen the errors of my ways! I’m so far behind on pop culture that I would have to immerse myself in it to catch up, and I quite simply do not have the time or energy to do that. As such, it makes no sense for my blog to continue in its current format as a pop culture blog. 

 So is this the end of Jimmy’s blog? That answer is no.

Though I’ve almost always updated sporadically, the fact is that I’ve been blogging since shortly after graduating high school. My first blog started on a tool that, I think, is long since defunct, Great Journal. Honestly, I don’t even remember what that blog was about anymore. I then made the move to LiveJournal, where I blogged pretty regularly for a while. It was a personal blog though I talked a lot about video games since many of my LJ friends were gamers from an online message board I used to frequent (and still do frequent, though not as often). At some point I killed the LJ. I deleted my account and with it all of my content and not long afterward I began blogging on Google’s blogging tool with a blog solely focused on video games. It’s still there, and surprisingly enough it still gets views even though I haven’t updated it in two years since I made the move to WordPress. I even transferred all of my old blog posts from the Google blog to this one. I started this blog because the NYU Summer Publishing Institute required we have a WordPress account and to post in it as often as possible throughout the program. I forget why exactly, but I assume it was to give the students online visibility to employers when applying for jobs. During that summer of two years ago, one of my posts had over 70 unique views over the course of 24 hours. I know that sounds meager, but it is my personal best. Though once I got a job and fell out of the habit of blogging regularly, I was never able to reach that number again, and now my posts struggle to get even two or three views since I update so infrequently.

I digress, however. A blog is more than just its page views and sharing things with friends and followers. A blog is a personal tool for whatever use a blogger chooses to use it. I’ve blogged for personal reasons, I’ve blogged to share my love of all things video games, I’ve blogged to give myself a professional presence, and I’ve blogged to share the stories from various medias that I consume. 

The point is this: my blog isn’t going away. It will change; that much is certain. I won’t pull another LJ stunt though and delete my account and all of my content. I’m going to work hard at getting my blog going again, and this time with a new emphasis. A new mission. I’ll be detailing that mission over the next few days, and revamping the blog somewhat in the process. Stay tuned, because as the immortal Arnold Schwarzenegger once said, I’ll be back.